Developing Online Human Rights Course

Human rights have a multidimensional nature which varies across cultures and different societies. Thus it is necessary to have an insight regarding human rights. To fulfil this aim, The Center for Men and Masculinity Studies has developed an online-based human rights course under the leadership of National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh with the support of UNDP Human Rights Program. The course has been created as part of a school-based project called the Bravemen Campaign.
The course is presented from the website ‘Muktopath’. ‘Muktopath’ is a government platform and has a huge coverage nationally which has about 1203487 students at present. However, the teaser of the course has been inaugurated by the Honorable Law Minister Mr. Anisul Haque MP in a grand Programme on December 21,2021. And the course was uploaded on the NHRC website in the farewell ceremony of Sudipto Mukarjee, former Resident Representative of UNDP at NHRC office on August 7, 2022.

The objective of this course is to let the students know about human rights in fluent language, using digital technology and gain an idea about the history of human rights. The goal of this course is to enable the students to know the necessary information about human rights and acquire the basic skills to work for the establishment of human rights.
The course is mainly designed for adolescent students. The content of this course is divided into 10 episodes. Each episode argues about individual issues related to human rights through short videos and quizzes. The reading materials of this course includes history of human rights, various arguments of different scholars including the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Nasima Begum ndc regarding human rights, the relevance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights into our lives, how human rights got reflected into the constitution of Bangladesh, how the goals of sustainable development uphold the ideology of human rights and how the adolescent boys and girls can work to protect human rights and apply it into their personal lives. The reading materials of this course are presented in an interesting way which is different from the mainstream learning process. The innovative part is that the whole conversation is done by puppet to uphold a national heritage to introduce it to the newer generation. The puppet team ” Inventor’s Puppet ” were in charge of arranging the whole process.
Each episode is based on interesting conversations and at the end of each episode, there are quiz sessions. Only after passing the quiz session, one can move forward to the next episode.

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