In the juvenile age of adolescence and youth, boys and girls possess a fresh and acceptable mind. It’s the best time to mold their mind into a correct shape. Lack of proper values and knowledge incline these youths to commit violence against women and girls. so CMMS has been taking initiatives to spread the appropriate values and knowledge among these youths so that when they will grow up into adulthood they will be the next torch bearer to eliminate VAWG.

The patriarchal society causes the traditional forms of masculinity to sustain generations after generations. The definition of masculinity tends to resemble a very brutal form of personality. Such resemblance of masculinity is certainly harmful for the society and definitely responsible for increasing violence in the society. If we can make the youth and adolescents aware of these issues at an early age, they will be practicing proper values, positive masculinities and will look forward to a more gender equal society.

By changing the mindset of the youth and adolescent from traditional toxic masculine ideologies and getting them out of the harmful norms of patriarchy we can break the chain of patriarchy sustaining generation after generations. These youths and adolescents will be the torch bearers on the way of change to a better society where we can dream of being no gender discrimination and gender-based violence.