Menstrual Cup Campaign

The project’s aim is to make menstrual cups accessible to women in Bangladesh and to break with taboos surrounding the topic. Menstrual cups are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to pads and tampons and can change the lives of girls and women. About three hundred fifty women have participated in the CMMS Menstrual Campaign, supported bu Poculum (a students’ project based on Germany) and more than a hundred women have expressed interest in using the Cup.

“Where the use of pads has become risky, the menstrual cup seems to be a blessing,” said users. Starting from stomach ache, women have to spend sleepless nights for fear of leakage and decreases of Mobility when they using pad . Social barriers are not leaving women behind. Since the cup is located inside the body, there are questions about the virginity of women. While the women of the first world country are moving forward ignoring all these barriers, our country is then standing as a barrier to the movement in a simple way. However, it is scientifically proven that there is no question of losing the integrity of women in the use of menstrual cups. Although some women use the cup ignoring the social stigma, thousands of women are still confused . Misinformation about using cups does not allow them to set foot in new life. One Cup user said, “I couldn’t sleep many nights. I was afraid to go out during the period if the clothes got stuck?” Another one said, “ I was in trouble. But after using the cup, my mobility has increased in period time. I fly like a free bird. ” also Another said, “When you use pads, you get rashes, itching and you always have to be mentally weak, but when you use cups, sometimes I forget that my period is going on. The process of change is also very easy.” You can save money because a cup can be used up to 10 years. The menstrual cup is eco-friendly and sustainable . Many people have many questions in their mind that I am unmarried, what size should I use? Will the cup go inside after inserting? CMMS arranges a workshop with various questions and answers, where videos are shown with how to insert or take out the cup without fear. Moreover, from pre-survey to post-survey, women are treated very carefully and are updated monthly by CMMS. CMMS came with a very small number of cups, but now the demand has increased more than the supply. In this way, CMMS is helping women to take another step forward. Where women are unable to ensure quality education during period despite the use of pads,they can not go school properly, CMMS is helping them to ensure quality education, keep them mentally peaceful and increase mobility. The use of the menstrual cup seems to have given a new lease of life.

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