Online live dialogue on “COVID-19 Crisis : Human Rights & The Role

Moderator :

Dr. Sayed Shaikh Imtiaz

Associate Professor and Former Department Head,

Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka.

Chairperson, Trustee Board, UNYSAB

Chairperson, CMMS


Mona M’Bikay Boin

Executive Director

UPR Info Geneva Area, Switzerland.

Zarin Zeba Khan

Gender Equality Advisor FSSP of GAC.

Tanja Doucet

Student of Sustainability Sciences in Lüneburg,

Germany member of the project “Poculum”.

Kyra Haskins

Student of Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies in Lüneburg, Germany Member of the project “EqualTech”.

Jana Schulte Hürmann

Student of Environmental Sciences and Economics in Lüneburg,

Germany Member of the project “Poculum”.

Nayem Molla

Youth Activist

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